Name Big Data Sandbox
Source United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
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Description This project is a collaborative approache to the new challenges of using Big Data sources for official statistics. It has three main objectives: 1) To identify, examine and provide guidance for statistical organizations on the main strategic and methodological issues that Big Data poses for the official statistics industry, 2) To demonstrate the feasibility of efficient production of both novel products and ‘mainstream’ official statistics using Big Data sources, and the possibility to replicate these approaches across different national contexts, and 3) To facilitate the sharing across organizations of knowledge, expertise, tools and methods for the production of statistics using Big Data sources. The project will be open to all national and international statistical organisations that want to contribute. It will be complementary to other initiatives, including those of the European Statistical System, to avoid duplication of efforts. It also aims to be as relevant as possible to the organization-specific needs and concerns of each contributing organisation.
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Lead Institution United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Logo of lead Institution Logo institution
Partners OECD, Eurostat and NSOs
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Type Platform
Potential for reuse Medium
Part of the innovation having potential to be reused The idea of collaboration to get access to infrastructure that is not affordable for the single entity.
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Plug & Play Partly
Outputs compatible with indicators from Official Statistics Yes
Status Implemented
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  • Science & Technology
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  • Log Data
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  • Real Time Data
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  • Remote Sensing
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  • Social Media Data
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  • Technical Infrastructure
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  • Visual Analytics
  • Areas of management practice innovations
    Data Management
    Use of Alternative Data Sources
    Areas of institutional process innovations
    Non-Official Statistics
    Case Study URL with Public Sector Participation
    Case Study Description The CSO (Irish Central Statistics Office) and ICHEC (The Irish Centre for High End Computing, have formed a partnership to provide to the international statistical community a shared working environment for research and development, utilising the latest Big Data and analytics technology. The shared environment (known in the community as the ‘sandbox’) is enabling multinational teams with knowledge and expertise from different backgrounds (technical, academia and statistical) to work together on different Big Data challenges. To date, these teams include experts form many countries including Italy, UK, Slovenia, Australia, Canada and Mexico. The shared working environment is also facilitating new collaborations for the official statistics with academia and technology organisations.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
    Updated On 2014-04-12
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