Name Electronic Elections
Source Inmarsat
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Description Satellite phone technology to support the conduction of fully electronic elections, especially of polling data from rural areas. Brazil was the first country in the world to hold fully electronic elections, successfully shortening the time required to count ballots, which could take more than a week in a presidential election. However, to transmit electronic polling data from hundreds of small villages in rural areas, technicians for Brazil’s Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE) used laptops connected via satellite phones.
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Lead Institution Inmarsat
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Partners Brazil’s Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (Superior Electoral Court)
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Type Technology
Potential for reuse High
Part of the innovation having potential to be reused Satellite phone technology for rapid assessments in remote or disconnected areas
Open source No
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Plug & Play Yes
Outputs compatible with indicators from Official Statistics Partly
Status Implemented
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    Case Study Description Inmarsat’s BGAN has been used for a fourth time to secure a speedy result in the Brazilian presidential elections. Inmarsat, already the network provider for delivering census, voter registration and elections networks, has previously provided bespoke communications solutions for elections in numerous countries across the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ecuador, the Philippines and Zimbabwe. Smartmatic is the largest single owner of BGAN terminals in the world, and has enabled electoral commissions in Argentina, Brazil and the Philippines to efficiently reach voters who live in remote and rural areas. The company also provided BGAN terminals, training for operators and support services during Brazil’s 2012 municipal elections.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
    Updated On 2014-04-12
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