Name Qualitative Analytical Framework for Mobile Phone Surveys
Source UN Global Pulse
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Description A survey to develop a qualitative analytical framework for early detection of impacts and shifting patterns of vulnerability impacts and shifting patterns of vulnerability. Global Pulse in partnership with conducted a mobile phone survey across multiple countries including Uganda, India, Mexico, Ukraine and Iraq. The survey has been conducted via text message and uses simple questions to understand how populations in different parts of the world perceive 1) Economic conditions over the last year 2) Their ability to meet their own household needs 3) Changes they have made to their way of life and 4) Their attitude about the future. Global Pulse worked with designers and analysts to analyze, compare and represent message content by employing innovative visualization techniques such as interactive maps, word clouds and spatial display. In addition to gathering and analyzing results, the survey is used as a test case for rapid mobile based data collection.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
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