Name Question Box
Source Open Mind Initiative
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Description Question Box provides answers to everyday questions in hard-to-reach areas through live telephone/SMS hotlines. telephone hotlines, SMS (Text Messaging) and mobile and solar technologies that operate off the grid.
Long description Question Box is Open Mind's initiative that helps people find answers to everyday questions like health, agriculture, business, education and entertainment. It provides easy access to information in hard-to-reach areas and breaks through technology, language and literacy barriers. We do this through: Live telephone hotlines connected to live operators, SMS (Text Messaging), Mobile and solar technologies that operate off the grid and Open Question - a simple software to start your own Question Box project.
Lead Institution Open Mind Initiative
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Partners UN Global Pulse
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Type Technology
Potential for reuse High
Open source No
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Plug & Play No
Outputs compatible with indicators from Official Statistics No
Status Implemented
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  • Agriculture & Rural Development
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  • Education
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  • Social Development
  • Areas of technological innovation
  • Mobile Data Collection
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  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Areas of management practice innovations
    Skills Development
    Use of Alternative Data Sources
    Areas of institutional process innovations
    Digital Activism
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    Internal Comment Interesting engagement approach - it serves as a search for people to find info (dissemination) but is also new data source for policy analysis! Implemented in two countries so potential to be used more wider?
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    Created On 2014-04-12
    Updated On 2017-09-18
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