Name Data Documentation Initiative (DDI)
Source DDI Alliance
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Description The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an effort to create an international standard for describing data from the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. Expressed in XML, the DDI metadata specification now supports the entire research data life cycle. DDI metadata accompanies and enables data conceptualization, collection, processing, distribution, discovery, analysis, repurposing, and archiving.
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Type Framework
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    Case Study Description DevInfo offers easy access to information on human development. Developed by the UN, DevInfo enables national statistics offices, UN agencies, donors, NGOs, and civil society to prepare reports and presentations using this common database platform. The system has been endorsed by the UN Development Group and is being used in many countries to help track the Millennium Development Goals and other national priorities. The system organizes data by indicators, time periods and geographic areas with extensive metadata based on international standards. Version 5.0, includes significant advancements in handling metadata and conforms to standardized information sharing models for metadata storage and dissemination. These metadata standards help achieve efficiency by facilitating data exchange and harmonizing international and national data sets. DevInfo 5.0 is compliant with three international metadata standards for indicators, data sources, and digital maps: SDMX, DDI, and ISO 19115:2003.
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