Name Web-based CRVS Database
Source Ministry of Health of Cambodia, Ministry of Interior of Cambodia
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Description The CRVS Database can help staff at all levels to produce and receive timely reports, to reduce the workload and to improve the data use at all levels. The CRVS database includes 18 different causes of deaths. It has been introduced introduced in 11 of 1633 Communes/Sangkat in 2013.
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Lead Institution Ministry of Health of Cambodia, Ministry of Interior of Cambodia
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Potential for reuse High
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Outputs compatible with indicators from Official Statistics Yes
Status Pilot
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    Case Study Description Several Cambodian Ministries with the support of the Asian Development Bank and US AID have installed a web-based database for timely and accurate CRVS data. The Civil registration system including birth, birth, marriage and death was officially launched in 2002 with a manual record keeping using books and papers. At the end of 2012, CRVS data from 2002 to 2006 has been digitized from more than 6 million lists. The digital data management still faces many challenges that require increased capacity and more attention from authorities, municipal authorities, provincial, municipal, district and commune and district statistics.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
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