Name Online Birth Registration
Source Local Government Division of the Government of Bangladesh
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Description People can easily send their birth application to Registrar online and follow up the status of BR application. Anyone can verify any birth registration record by using the Birth Registration Number and Date of Birth. The online birth registration system produces real time population data of the country. Authorities can get statistics of several age group any time and is on the way to achieve success of 100% immunization and birth registration within 45 days of birth. Further, it helps to reduce early marriage and it helps babies to get their enrolment in school at proper time. It ensures to enter the name in a voter list just after attaining the age of enlisted and it helps to get the parents and addresses of missing children and it assists the senior citizens to get the social security.
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Lead Institution Local Government Division of the Government of Bangladesh
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Potential for reuse High
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Outputs compatible with indicators from Official Statistics Yes
Status Implemented
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    Case Study Description After a pilot project, the government of Bangladesh started the Birth and Death Registration Project in June 2001. The 3rd phase of the project began in July 2001 and will continue until June 2015 with the financial support of UNICEF Bangladesh.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
    Updated On 2014-04-12
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