Name SIPSA - A Information System for Prices in Agriculture
Source Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica (DANE) de Colombia
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Description The SIPSA is responsible for informing the daily wholesale prices of food products marketed in Colombia as well as information on weekly inputs and factors associated with agricultural production and the monthly level of food supply in cities. SIPSA has three components: 1. Wholesale prices of food 2. Food supply to cities 3. Inputs and factors associated with agricultural production and livestock. The first, wholesale food prices, aims to collect information on wholesale prices in the moment prices are formed. This information is collected via the SIPSA app or web interfaces and disseminated through Daily, weekly and monthly newsletters. Each component seeks meet different information needs. The regional daily newsletter is aimed primarily at those persons present in the markets, so give them evidence and negotiating tools when conduct transactions. The national daily bulletin shows the behavior of prices in seven major cities. This is a tool especially for all those involved decision makers, both public and private. With respect to the weekly newsletter, which is also part of this first wholesale price component, explain the different events affected the marketing of agricultural products throughout the week are explained. The monthly newsletter, show the aggregate behavior of wholesale prices compared with the immediately preceding month. The other two components, food supply factors associated inputs and agricultural production, register both the quantities of agricultural products entering and leaving the cities at major markets in the country; as well as the retail price of the main inputs and factors associated with the agricultural production and livestock in the country.
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Lead Institution Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica (DANE) de Colombia
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Partners Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural MADR
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    Case Study Description Among the functions of the National Administrative Department of Statistics DANE, is the provision of basic information for decision-making in all sectors of the economy. The SIPSA is responsible for informing about the wholesale prices of food products marketed in the country as well as for collecting information on input, associated agricultural production factors and food supply level in cities in daily, weekly or monthly intervals.
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