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Description Development Seed builds data visualization tools. and are well-known examples of the work of Development Seed. From analyzing real time satellite imagery to processing live data from mobile phones, Development Seed tools track timely information on populations and the planet and harness data responsibly to help partners respond to disasters, protect rain forests, track conflict, and prepare for climate change. Development Seed contribute to open source tools and help grow open source communities. This means working in the open on github and working with partners to build strategies to build in the open.
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  • Agriculture & Rural Development
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  • Aid Effectiveness
  • ,
  • Climate Change
  • ,
  • Economy & Growth
  • ,
  • Education
  • ,
  • Energy & Mining
  • ,
  • Environment
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  • External Debt
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  • Financial Sector
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  • Gender
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  • Health
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  • Infrastructure
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  • Poverty
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  • Private Sector
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  • Public Sector
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  • Science & Technology
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  • Social Development
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  • Social Protection & Labour
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  • Trade
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  • Urban Development
  • Areas of technological innovation
  • Log Data
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  • Mobile Data Collection
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  • Remote Sensing
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  • Visual Analytics
  • Areas of management practice innovations
    Data Management
    Areas of institutional process innovations
    Open Data
    Case Study URL with Public Sector Participation
    Case Study Description The Government of Mexico presented a massive data portal with open public data from across the Government. addresses accessibility in two ways. First, all data is machine-readable and searchable, and so is the metadata about those datasets. A CKAN data portal provides data in bulk download and via an API. Second, put a heavy emphasis on stories and tools that turn raw data into insight. Storytelling tools make the data immediately accessible and understandable to both citizens and policymakers. The mapping tool allows ministries to quickly stand up a rich interactive map off of any dataset on through a single page of markdown. The map generation tool anticipates many of the way in which ministires will want to aggregate and display information, while also making it easy for advanced users to develop more sophisticated visualizations.
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    Good practices displayed Yes
    Created On 2014-04-12
    Updated On 2014-04-12
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    Develop capability improvements