Name Mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping
Source World Food Programme
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Description The mVAM project involves collecting food security data through mobile phone surveys, using SMS, live telephone interviews and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone calls. mVAM was launched 2013. Compared to many other current mobile data collection solutions, the tools used in mVAM allow real-time data collection from difficult access areas without sending staff to the field. Early 2014, mVAM began to pilot remote food security data collection through live calls and IVR surveys from a panel of approximately 600 internally displaced households in Goma, DR Congo, and in central Somalia. Currently the two pilots are being scale-up by adding to the existing platforms SMS capacity and a two-way communication system to disseminate information to WFP beneficiaries. Since September 2014, mVAM has been collecting through SMS and IVR monthly food security data in the Ebola-affected countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. The system was set-up within weeks. WFP can thus track the vulnerability of West African households and price changes on a monthly basis and pro-e the humanitarian community with up-to-date information. Finally, WFP is using remote data collection to monitor food security in Iraq’s central governorates, where access is very limited due to the ongoing conflict. From January 2015, WFP has used operator-based calls to collect food price information from Iraq’s central governorates. From March 2015, WFP has worked with a call center for nationwide household monitoring surveys on food consumption and coping. WFP mVAM is also testing an in-house SMS system to collect basic information from Internally Displaced People using a free and open-source software.
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