Name Poverty Maps from Mobile Phone Metadata
Source University College London
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Description This study addresses the problem of poverty indices derived from costly and infrequent traditional survey by using mobile phone at a very fine level of spatio-temporal granularity. Governments and other organisations often rely on data collected by household surveys and censuses to identity areas in most need of regeneration and development projects. However, due to the high cost associated with the data collection process, many developing countries conduct such surveys very infrequently and include only a rather small sample of the population, thus failing to accurately capture the current socio-economic status of the country’s population. In this paper, the researchers address this problem by means of a methodology that relies on an alternative source of data from which to derive up to date poverty indicators, at a very fine level of spatio-temporal granularity. Taking two developing countries as examples, they show how to analyse the aggregated call detail records of mobile phone subscribers and extract features that are strongly correlated with poverty indexes currently derived from census data.
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Lead Institution University College London
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Partners Alcatel-Lucent
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