Name Predicting Socioeconomic Levels with Mobile Phone Metadata
Source Telefonica Research
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Description This study combines cell phone records with data on Socioeconomic Levels from traditional household surveys. The socioeconomic status of a population or an individual provides an understanding of its access to housing, education, health or basic services like water and electricity. In itself, it is also an indirect indicator of the purchasing power and as such a key element when personalizing the interaction with a customer, especially for marketing campaigns or offers of new products. In this paper we study if the information derived from the aggregated use of cell phone records can be used to identify the socioeconomic levels of a population. The researchers present predictive models constructed with SVMs and Random Forests that use the aggregated behavioral variables of the communication antennas to predict socioeconomic levels. Their results show correct prediction rates of over 80% for an urban population of around 500,000 citizens.
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    Created On 2014-04-12
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